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The Golden Era of Rail


Relive the golden era of rail travel with these elegant train travel experiences where one can meet fellow travellers for a cocktail, delight in the ever changing scenery and enjoy some delicious fare.

Image courtesy of the Maharajas’ Express

15 Drives To Do Before You Lose Your License


The all time greatest drives on Earth. From Australia’s own magnificent Great Ocean Road to a tunnel road in China carved from solid rock, these are the drives every car enthusiast needs to tackle at least once in a lifetime.

Image courtesy of Visit California

Paris for Fashionistas


Paris is every fashionista’s luxury playground. Here’s how to make the most of your visit to the fashion capital of the world.

Photo from The Peninsula Paris

Europe’s Greatest Orchestras in Europe’s Greatest Cities


Western Europe is the birthplace of classical music and is unsurprisingly home to some of the world’s greatest orchestras. Classical music enthusiasts are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to both cityscapes and the dulcet tones that emanate from them. Here are just a few of the best cities for symphonies.

Photo of Vienna Image courtesy of the Austrian National Tourist Office

How to do Cannes like the A-List

CITY, EARTH, Festivals

Every May the quaint Cote D’Azur town of Cannes becomes flooded with the rich and famous. Here’s how to live like the A-List during the world’s most glamorous film festival.

Photo from Office Du Tourisme De Cannes

Five of the World’s Most Expensive Cocktails


Cocktail envy is taking over the world’s hottest bars with each bar tender striving to make a more exclusive and expensive drink than the last. Whilst liquid bling guarantees you a trinket to take home, these five cocktails make their entrance into this list purely on cost of alcoholic ingredients.

Image courtesy of The Ritz Paris

Million Dollar Outings


This year, a Chinese student and an Italian businessman will both part ways with £1 million to embark on a two-year package holiday visiting more than 150 countries. The trip – billed as the ‘world’s most expensive holiday’ – was launched last year by, a website specialising in bespoke experiences. Unfortunately the holiday is no longer on offer but here are some alternative million dollar outings, should that cash be burning a hole.

Photo from Calvigny Island

Liquid Bling


A Mercedes A Class or a Champagne Cocktail? Take your choice. Billionaires are increasing and so is the list of excess. Whilst we can’t tell you just what $50,000 in liquid assets tastes like, these beverages at least come with a sparkly surprise.Image courtesy of Reka Moscow Restaurant