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New Zealand’s Finest


New Zealand has no shortage of indulgent accommodation, from the classic luxury hotel, to the boutique guesthouse, to the elegant eco-lodge. Here’s 10 of this charming country’s most exclusive and unique resting stops.

Image courtesy of Eagles Nest

Designer Hotel Suites


The fashion world’s crème de la crème are putting their iconic brand names on far more than just clothing. Fashionable and fabulous hotels and suites are cropping up around the world, making it easy for any design-driven traveller to combine luxury accommodation with designer chic.

Photo from The London West Hollywood

Premium Powder


It’s no secret the rich and the famous love to hit the slopes so if you fancy a ski trip that comes with the added entertainment of celeb-spotting, read on to discover the world’s most exclusive A-List snow spots.

Image courtesy of Chalet Zermatt

Japan’s Perfect Powder


No it’s not Planet of the Apes! It’s the coolest place for powder in Japan. For snow, ski, culture and cuisine, Japan is fast becoming one of the most stylish places to hit the slopes.

Photo of Appi Kogen Honshu, photo courtesy of Iwate Hotel & Resort Inc.

Heli-Ski Hotspots


Plummeting from a helicopter onto spectacular off-piste terrain is the only way to ski if you’ve got the budget for it. The pastime is thought to have begun as early as the 1950s in the US, but these days there are a wealth of luxury destinations that provide thrill-seekers with the greatest of downhill pursuits.

Photo from Whistler Heli-Skiing

A Fragrance Tour of France


France and fragrance go hand-in-hand, but the country has so much more to offer than just Chanel No.5. While dedicated scent-lovers can easily find their way to the shrines of Guerlain and Annick Goutal, this handy guide will take you to some of the lesser known boutiques throughout perfume’s holy land.

Image courtesy of Maison Francis Kurkdijan

In Search Of The Tiger


Wildlife enthusiasts will no doubt want to cross this one of their list. There are a number of organised tours out of Australia which will take you to India in search of nature’s most revered big cat.

Image courtesy of Madhya Pradesh Tourism

There’s A Bear In There


The search for the polar bear is bound to excite and intrigue any dedicated wildlife adventurer, but you don’t have to sacrifice your creature comforts to spy this elusive bear. There are now a number of luxury expeditions which will take you on top-notch arctic safaris in search of the adorable killer.

Photo courtesy of Great White Bear Tours

African Safaris


It’s hard not to fall under the spell of Africa with its magnificent landscapes and wildlife, but spotting the big five doesn’t necessarily entail giving up your creature comforts.  There are luxury lodges and exotic camps across the magical continent that provide experiences on par with any world-class hotel.

Image Courtesy of Segera Retreat

The Golden Era of Rail


Relive the golden era of rail travel with these elegant train travel experiences where one can meet fellow travellers for a cocktail, delight in the ever changing scenery and enjoy some delicious fare.

Image courtesy of the Maharajas’ Express