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Luxe 100

68. The Ultimate Man Cave

Every good man cave has a bar stocked with the finest spirits and beers, collectors sporting memorabilia on the walls and bench tops, perhaps and old school pin ball machine and of course a pool table.

Elite Innovations are the masterminds behind G1-Virtuoso glass pool table design. The 15mm thick glass offers shock-proof protection and the see-through pockets will help you line up and sink a ball from any angle. For those who are resistant to letting go of that traditional green fabric the transparent Vitrik material used for the playing surface will remain consistent throughout its life time where as cloth will warp, wear and damage over time thereby affecting the roll characteristics.

Starting at $73,000, this modern pool table is available in 8′ x 4′, 7′ x 3.5′ or can be customised to any size (fees apply) and comes with customised balls.

Why not step away from the old age green and into the modern era of glass pool tables?

Image courtesy of Elite Innovations

69. For the Frequent Traveller

Cashmere can often be the victim of pilling, which let’s be honest, is any ones worst nightmare when it comes to a fabulous cashmere piece. Thankfully, Sofia Cashmere have perfected their luxurious designs including capes, shawls and scarves. By using the long, soft fibres it ensures a resistance to pilling, creating a long life product.

For the frequent traveller, you can’t look past Sofia Cashmere’s Bon Voyage Travel Cashmere Set. The 100% cashmere blanket and eye-mask will keep you feeling on top of your travel game. Using only the finest cashmere yarns, Sofia Cashmere has you covered when it comes to comfort. The blanket and eye-mask come in a rich charcoal, with the eye-mask featuring a pink trim and the words “do not disturb” embroidered on. With the Bon Voyage Cashmere Travel Set on hand, jet lag is sure to be a thing of the past.

Image courtesy of Lyst

70. The Grape Escape

France dominates when it comes to world class wines and wine regions. Therefore, it’s of no surprise that one of the most luxurious wine tours with Grape Escapes takes place on France’s fruitful soil.

With up to 45 wines to taste across 9 vineyards over 11 days, Grape Escapes have crafted this tour to perfection. Starting from £6840 to £7782 per person the tour includes private tours of internationally renowned wine estates, gourmet dining, 5 star accommodations, flights between Paris and Nice, Mercedes S Class chauffeured transfers and the opportunity to be completely immersed in the world of premium wine.

For the chance to explore vineyards and secret wine cellars not usually available to the public, have a tasting in the Moët Mansion and be enthralled by cabaret shows with Champagne in Paris, the Grape Escapes luxury wine tour is a tour in refined excellence with a whole lot of decadence.

Image courtesy of Grape Escapes

71. So Extra…

Much like salt and pepper or garlic and onions, olive oil is used in almost every delicious dinner dish you can think of. Each type of olive oil – virgin, extra virgin, refined –  is defined within the crushing and refining process. For those not in the know, buying the perfect olive oil may seem a little perplexing. To make the decision a simple one, Lambda produced by Speiron Co2. in Greece is the world’s most expensive and utterly perfect olive oil. Could you buy anything else?

With a label description to match the price tag, the “Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil” is produced with hand harvested Koroneiki olives. The olives are cold pressed after harvest to produce a well balanced, smooth and subtly fruity flavour. For a direct order from Speiron, this delectable oil costs US $54 and for an extra special gift box, US $200. For something just a little bit “extra”, a hand-crafted case complete with two 18k gold plates and a bottle of the Lambda – one plate and the bottle will both bear the owners name – is available for US $14,698. Everything about this olive oil is done with care and precision from the harvest through to the 500ml bottles packaged by hand. You can’t beat perfection, and this olive oil is without a doubt as perfect as it gets.

Image courtesy of Speiron

72. More Than a Scarf

Hermes Paris scarves are synonymous with luxury. To own one is to declare ones self confidently stylish and above all an appreciator of divine craftsmanship. After all to create something so fine takes time, delicacy and meticulous attention to detail. When it takes over 700 hours to engrave the printing screens, it’s little wonder a Hermes silk scarf has the sublime reputation it does.

The company wasn’t always known for its scarves. Hermes Paris began in 1837 making equestrian equipment. One hundred years later, the infamous silk scarf appears wrapped around everybody’s neck, hair, bag or wrist. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Queen Elizabeth have all been known to sport a Hermes scarf or two. The price of this timeless, eye-catching piece ranges from AU $280 to $1800.

Image courtesy of Vintage Fashion Guide

73. Dare to Diva

When the theatre calls, darling, you answer. For your chance in the spotlight, Opera Australia in collaboration with Redballoon, offers an exclusive opportunity to let loose your inner diva at the Sydney Opera House for one night only.

Not only will you have a walk on role but Opera Australia will make sure you look the part. You will have a fitting at the Opera Australia warehouse in Surry Hills, dressing you in everything from powdered wigs to a handmade costume. Following this there will be a rehearsal and instructions from the director so you know what to do and what to expect on your big night.

Not only will you get to shine bright in front of approximately 1500 people but the AU $4999 package includes a guest ticket. So, pick your biggest fan, put on your powdered wig and book this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Image courtesy of Sydney Opera House

74. Why Climb When You Can Fly?

For adventurers and thrill seekers alike, Mount Everest is a daring challenge no matter you skill and fitness level. To climb to the peak costs at least $50,000, months of time and puts your body through the mill. Instead of hiking, why not try something just as daring but perhaps a little less taxing and time consuming? It’s the adventure of all adventures: a skydive above the Himalayas and the great Mount Everest.

Taking the leap from a AS350 B3 chopper at a height of 23000ft, just below Everest, will have your adrenaline pumping. With the immense peak of Mount Everest and her equally daunting sister peaks in sight, this is not a sky dive for the feint-hearted. The dive will have you landing at the Himalayan dreamlands Syangboche (12340ft) and Amadablam Basecamp (15000ft).

Most dive will be run in tandem with a trained professional with prices starting at $25,000. However, for those wishing to fly solo (and who have accreditation and experience) can do so with prices starting at $22,000.

Everest Skydive run this unforgettable experience which includes: a visit to Sagarmatha National Park, experiencing the culture of Kathmandu and the Sherpa capital of the Everest region, membership to the elite world of international skydivers and a personal video of your jump. There will never be a more thrilling aerial experience as this one.

Image courtesy of Everest Skydive

75. Time to Dive

When it comes to dive watches, there is one that sits above the rest in style and in price: the limited edition Richard Mille Automatic Chronograph Diver.

Starting at $125,000, the Automatic Chronograph Diver is technologically innovative in its design and crafting. The RM 032 comes with the popular Caliber RMAC2 automatic winding movement, displays the date and time with a fly-back chronograph, running indicator and an adjustable rotor geometry. Water resistant to 300 metres, featuring a lockable rotating diver’s bezel and a new feature within the Richard Mille line, a locking crown guard meaning you can lock the crown into place. Essentially, it’s a very sexy watch… in technical terms of course!

The Automatic Chronograph Diver has been designed in three colour schemes: titanium, red gold or 18-carat white gold. Needless to say this is not a toy but instead one for those serious about their deep sea dives.

Image courtesy of the Jewellery Editor

76. The City of Masks

At anytime of year Venice is full of magic and intrigue. However, the MOST magical and intriguing time of all to visit the City of Masks is during Carnival.

On the last Sunday of Carnival, in the Palazzo Pisani Moretta over looking the Grand Canal, is the Mascheranda Grand Ball – the Masquerade Ball. An evening full of wonder and mystery awaits those who can secure a ticket. Welcomed by artists in intricately designed costumes, guests are provided a mystery aperitif before being enticed into an unforgettable night.

After the first of many bewitching performances, guests are led to the Noble floor and seated in rooms decorated with 18th century frescos to enjoy further entertainment during a gala dinner. Live music, Comedia del’Arte, dance and perhaps even the chance to unlock the secrets of Casanova; there will never be a more entertaining evening. And it’s won’t just the performers in costume… all guests must partake in the fun and dress in full period costume. Time to don your powdered wigs, puffy dresses and step into a world of wonder.

Premium Ticket Options:
€880.00 – VIP ticket – table seats in the magnificent Main Guarana Saloon on the 1st Floor
€1200.00 – VIP ticket plus 1 day 18th century style costume rental

Image courtesy of Carnevale di Venezia

77. Savile Row

Located in the coveted position of No. 1 Savile Row, London, resides one of the oldest bespoke tailoring houses in the world. Since 1771, Gieves and Hawkes have reigned as the best in bespoke tailoring.

For the bespoke customer seeking excellence in suit-making, Gieves and Hawkes insist on a strong foundation of trust with the customers and the cutter. In learning about the style, interests and life of the customer, the fit, cut and fabric can be chosen to suit the customers needs. Even a small detail, such as the posture or stance of the customer is recorded, to ensure the perfection of the suit. Once the uniquely designed pattern has been cut, the tailors take over. A minimum of three fittings are required ensuring quality and perfection of the bespoke suit.

Gieves and Hawkes have created ready-to-wear and bespoke suits for some of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world, including the likes of Winston Churchill, members of the British Royal Family from King George V to Prince Harry of Wales, Charlie Chaplin and David Beckham. Gieves and Hawkes also have a long standing history of dressing the British Army and the Royal Navy, and have provided tailoring for members of the royal houses of Denmark, Norway, Greece, Romania, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Jordan, Iraq, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand and Tonga and the Aga Khan.

At Gieves and Hawkes, it’s not just a suit – it’s a work of art.

Image courtesy of Gieves and Hawkes

78. A Different Perspective

Through social media platforms, people are able to share their journey with the world, inspire awe… and maybe make a few people jealous back home. Some people say you need to have that infamous “eye” to capture the perfect photograph, while others (namely me) assume if you just keep clicking then the perfect photo will magically appear. For those who may not be talented in the film and photography department, many places now offer an Instagram butler. However, if you want something a little more unique, something special, then look no further than Black Tomato’s Drone the World experience.

Black Tomato are all about cultivating a unique experience. And hiring a drone pilot is certainly unique. Expert drone pilots, Tim Browning and Oli Haukur Myrdal will go above and beyond to capture the perfect shot. Their goal is to make sure you walk away with a kick arse mini movie to show your friends, family and your Instagram fans. You can chose from the top five honeymoon destinations or the top five drone destinations to be the backdrop for your personal travel movie.

Top Five Honeymoon Destinations:

1. The Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

2. Northern and Eastern Thailand

3. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

4. Cambodia’s Coastline

5. Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

Top Five Drone Destinations:

1. Jokularson Ice Lagoon, Iceland

2. Western Mongolia and the Gobi Dessert

3. Victoria Falls, Zambia

4. Lofoten Archipelago, Norway

5. Skeleton Coast, Nambia

If none of those tempt you (how could they not?) you can have a tailor made destination drone package organised – just ask the team at Black Tomato.

79. We all Scream for Ice-Cream

The Baccarat Hotel is one of New Yorks finest, but did you know it serves what can only be described as the most decadent and moorish ice-cream to ever be eaten? As good things often do, it comes at a price. This scrumptious treat will set you back a well spent $1,500 US. The ‘Bear Extraordinaire’ is the creation of pastry chef Rosario Wakabayashi, who was inspired by the Baccarat crystal butterfly collection in the hotels Grand Salon and the vibrancy and colour of Madagascar.

Using imported Madagascan vanilla beans to craft the vanilla ice-cream, Wakabayashi then covers the ice-cream with a hand-painted white chocolate shell. This sits on a three gram bed of black truffle crumble, which themselves cost $95/ounce. To add to this already decadent dessert, Madagascan Manjari dark chocolate and Valrhona Gold cocoa nibs are delicately combined with the truffle. The final touch is the hibiscus champagne sauce, citrus meringue with fondant butterflies, fine sugar strands and of course an edible gold and silver leaf. A masterpiece like this needs to be presented properly, and as such is served in a fine crystal figurine. As a memento, the crystal figurine can be taken home. The Baccarat ‘Bear Extraordinaire’ is an ice-cream dream.

Image courtesy of CNBC

80. The Sacred Art of Tea

Known as Chanoyu, Sado or Chado, the Japanese Tea Ceremony is an art form, almost dance-like involving one of Japan’s most expensive teas: Matcha. Matcha is a powdered green tea which has become increasingly popular in the West with many people opting for a Matcha Latte as their cafe drink of choice.

Made from shade-grown green tea plant, Matcha takes almost one hour to grind only 30 grams of tea – hence the price tag. It is vibrant to look at and rich to taste. For those seeking ceremonial grade Matcha, it comes at a cost, but better yet, a trip to Japan. The price of Matcha is indicative of the love, labour and passion put into both the tea production and the ceremony.

With Matcha considered as a luxury good, tea ceremony shifted from a religious practice to one reserved only for the wealthy. For those wanting a taste of the glorious art of tea, a visit to the Sho-fu-an (tea ceremony room) on 10th floor of Keio Plaza Hotel is in order. Welcomed by a Tea Master, who has spent many years training in this art form, you can learn the secrets of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. The 2,000 YEN experience is offered four times a day (except Thursday and Sunday) with no more than four guests present. With the limited number of guests, booking in advance is advised. The ceremony provides an exclusively intimate glimpse into the culture, beauty and history of Japan.

Image courtesy of Collette

81. Snow Polo

There has never been a posher sporting even than Polo… except for Polo in the snow. The annual Snow Polo World Cup was created in 1985 as the world’s first snow polo tournament. The tournament takes place on the frozen Lake St. Moritz, the final weekend every January. It’s the ultimate weekend away for those with deep pockets. In saying that, the event it’s self is free, however, as no commercial flights will go there, access to a private jet is your ticket to experience the extravagant setting of the Snow Polo World Cup.

As you fly in to Samedan via private jet, the imposing magnificence of the Southern Alps welcomes you. From the private jet, guests are escorted to a ‘taxi’, well, a Rolls-Royce technically… this isn’t an everyday event after all.

It’s not just the horses on show here, decked out in furs and Fendi ski gear, the people in St. Moritz are dressed to impress. Almost as if it’s going out of fashion, caviar, champagne and premium whiskies are enjoyed in exorbitant amounts by all at the Snow Polo World Cup.

Image courtesy of Snow Polo – St. Moritz. Photo by Andy Mettler.

82. Time is a Luxury

Perhaps the greatest luxury money can buy is time. Time to relax, to travel and to enjoy the world we live in. And the greatest keepers of time, none other than Swiss luxury timepiece and jewellers, Chopard. Louis-Ulysse Chopard established his company all the way back in the 1800’s. His focus on quality and precision when it came to making watches was impeccable. The innovative designs of this artesian watchmaker even caught the attention of Tsar Nicolas II of Russia. Today, Chopard is the creator of what is possibly the world most expensive watch. It comes in at 25 million USD and is the bling you have been searching for. The Chopard 201-Carat Watch is made of white and yellow diamonds that weigh 163 carats. In addition to that there are three heart-shaped diamonds consisting of the 15-carat pink, 12-carat blue and 11-carat white. A special mechanism can be pressed to open the three heart diamonds to reveal the time. This delicate little piece may come with a price tag, buy who says you can’t buy time?

Image courtesy of Luxury Page

83. Mighter than the Sword

Italian manufacturer, Aurora Pens, is know for its premium pens each utilising precious metals and gems such as platinum, gold and diamonds. Aurora Pens are also known for creating the world’s most expensive pen, The Aurora Diamante. The Aurora Diamante is not just a pen – it’s a statement. Over 30 carats of De Beer diamonds cover the solid platinum barrel. The total number of diamonds, 1,919 to be exact, represents the year the company was established. The nib is two-toned rhodium treated 18KT solid gold. A coat of arms signature or portrait can be added to personalise the nib – let’s be honest, if you intend to buy this pen you want to make sure everyone knows its yours. It’s not just the 1.3 million dollar price tag that makes this pen so exclusive, but the fact that only one, that’s right, ONE is produced a year. This is a pen unlike any other. You need to be the elite of the elite to wield the Aurora Diamante.

Image courtesy of Know More Thing

84. The Best Kind of Treasure

This treasure may not be buried but it sure is a treat. Iconic French macaron legends, Ladurée, have what can only be described as the best treasure hall in the world. A treasure chest FULL of macarons. Two hundred of them to be exact. Divided over five trays and presented in the biggest macaron box at Ladurée, you will be blown away by this chest of petite patisserie delicacies. The French tea room is over one hundred and fifty years old and has crafted more than thirty flavours of macarons for you to choose from. Citron, Grape, Bubblegum, you name it, they have it. For $900 you can discover all the colours and flavours Ladurée has on offer.

Image courtesy of serenechoo

85. Hottest Dining Experience on Earth

The night kicks off with a personal helicopter over Iceland before arriving at the entrance of your dinner destination. After descending about 400 ft. straight into the heart of Iceland’s Thrihnukagigur Volcano, you will find one of the most exclusive tables in the world. The menu will have you feasting on the finest collection of Icelandic delicacies as you listen to your own private concert, all inside a dormant (phew…) volcano. For an easy $14,000 you could be dining inside a four-thousand year old magma chamber, listening to music and enjoying an unforgettable experience. After all, dinner in a volcano is about as hot as it gets when it comes to luxury dining.

Image courtesy of Mashable

86. A Girls Best Friend

Marylin wasn’t wrong when she said diamonds are a girls best friend. In 2011, Cherish Angula started a trend with her Iced Manicure. It was not only the first manicure of its kind but it’s also the most expensive at the time coming in at a cool $51,000. Why so pricy? Well, to put it simply, the manicure involved diamonds. Since then many jewellers have jumped on that sparkly bandwagon. And in 2018, a man known as the ‘Black Diamond King’ has moved in on the title for most expensive manicure.

The ‘Black Diamond King’, Azature Pogosian uses 267 carats of black diamonds in his ultra luxe nail lacquer. For your very own bottle of Azature Black Diamond Nail Lacquer it will set you back a quarter of a million dollars. However, if you are just after a once off manicure you’re looking at $30,000 for this exclusive service. Oh, and don’t think you can swan in to any old nail salon. Azature Pogosian has a secret. A secret shared with a select few celebrity manicurists. All that is known about this mysterious secret is that it involves a particular formula of application. At $3,000 per nail, you definitely want the best of the best to apply your Azature Black Diamond Nail Lacquer.

Image courtesy of SCMP

87. Martin… Aston Martin

Prepare to live out your James Bond fantasy with New Zealand’s Aston Martin On Ice driving adventure. Over four exhilarating days an expert team of professional driving instructors will guide you to a new level of driving. From about $10,000 NZ, you have the chance to push yourself and the Aston Martin range to the limits, all atop white powdered snow. Driving an Aston Martin wont be the only adventure you have in the picturesque town of Arrowtown, New Zealand. Skiing, snowboarding, canyon swinging, sky diving and jet boating will keep your inner adrenaline junky very happy. When the time comes to hit the breaks and relax you can go horse riding, play golf or relax by the fire at award winning Millbrook Resort in Arrowtown.

Dates 2018:

21st – 24th July | 22nd – 25th July | 23rd – 26th July

Time to hit the breaks on your day to day life and change gear… Aston Martin is waiting.

Image courtesy of Aston Martin Art of Living

88. Blue Persian Salt

Named after the rare blue Persian salt found in ancient 260 million year old caves in the Semman province of northern Iran, the Blue Persian Salt Ballet Flat by Portuguese brand Josefinas is the most expensive ballet flat in the world. Dubbed “the most precious journey yet” by its creator, it’s a shoe fit for royalty coming in at approximately $3,830. The handcrafted blue flats are adorned with gold and blue topaz semi-precious gemstones. The topaz is said to have protective properties and to bring fortune to those who wear it. The Blue Persian Salt is part of a collection of flats known as 1001 Nights, so if blue isn’t your colour you can chose from the Babylon in green, the Jordan in purple and the Persia in maroon. However, none quite compare to The Blue Persian Salt Ballet Flat.

Image courtesy of Josefinas

89. Golden Ticket

Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival is back and so is it’s exclusive million dollar festival ticket. As the world’s most expensive festival ticket, it certainly has a lot to live up to… and boy does it deliver. This ticket will transform you into the ultimate VIP. With this ticket six people will embark on a round-trip flight via private jet to Iceland. You will attend private parties with headlining artists, indulge in luxury spa treatments, take in the sights of Iceland on an epic helicopter tour, go horseback riding, sled across the world famous Langjökull glacier, have a personal driver, a glam squad making sure you look on point at all times, a World Cup viewing party and dinners cooked by famous Icelandic chefs in unique, breathtaking locations. For all this and MORE, it will cost you one million US dollars. And really, what’s a million dollars when it comes to a once in a lifetime opportunity?

Image courtesy of Secret Solstice.

90. La Madeline au Truffle

It’s a name that rolls off the tongue, La Madeline au Truffle, and it’s the most expensive chocolate truffle in the world. Brought to you by the House of Knipschildt Artisan Chocolates, this decadent treat is made from 70% Valrhona dark chocolate, cream and sugar with truffle oil and vanilla folded through for 24 hours to make the ganache base. A rare French Perigord truffle, sold at $1000 per pound, lies in the centre of the Valrhona ganache. This luxurious little chocolate is then rolled in fine cocoa powder, placed in a gold box on a bed of sugar pearls and tied with a ribbon. Made to order, La Madeline au Truffle will ship within 14 days from ordering. It’s worth noting that the truffle has a 7-day life span so don’t get too sentimental about saving it. Because of this, this rare chocolatey delight can only ship by Next Day Air Saver so make sure to be within the one-day transit zone. La Madeline au Truffle costs $250, which is not bad considering its the world most extravagant chocolate. And remember, don’t save it, savour it.

Image courtesy of no garlic no onions

91. Canine Chic

At Canine Styles in New York, its all about making sure your furry friend can strut its stuff in style. Taking inspiration from the streets of New York City, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and his customers personal flair, Mark Drendel has certainly set the bar high in the canine fashion world. This luxury pet boutique, established in 1959, has everything from cashmere cable knits to Swiss-made collar and leash sets.

Since opening, celebrities from Andy Warhol and Princess Grace right through to Oprah and Hugh Jackman have visited the store in search of the perfect street style for their pets – Hugh Jackman’s Frenchie rocks a puffer jacket, embodying sheer cool… would you expect anything less of Wolverine’s pup?

The top of the line luxury apparel, collars, carriers, toys, bowls and treats available will have everyone wagging their tail with excitement. You can even have your pup pampered in a first class grooming session or have a commissioned portrait done. After all, why should people be the only ones who get to live a life of luxury?

Image courtesy of Canine Styles

92. Espresso Yourself…

Finca El Injerto Coffee, owned by the Aguirre family since 1874, is renowned across the globe for being one of the top coffee producing plantations in the world. What makes this Guatemalan plantation so special? Aside from the rather large price tag, the coffee is made from a rare heritage variety called Mocca. The beans may be small but they have a BIG and rich flavour. By washing the beans in a single channel and breaking them twice, the grain quality is further improved making the final product an international commodity.

Finca El Injerto strives to grow the best coffee in the world without sacrificing the environment or the wellbeing of their workers. With strong environmental policies in place including: no herbicides, no plastic bags and reforestation programs. Within the plantation community access to medical services, above minimum wages and constant training for staff and education for their children is readily available.

In 2012, Finca El Injerto sold a lot of green un-roasted coffee beans for $500.50/pound, one of the highest prices in coffee paying history. Now you wont have to pay quite that much when purchasing a bag of pre-roasted beans (only about $25/400g) but when it comes to your daily coffee fix, you definitely want the best money can buy and Finca El Injerto coffee is the best.

Image courtesy of Robbreport

93. Luxury on Wheels

Brought to you by Austrian manufacturer Marchi Mobile, the 3.7 million dollar EleMMent Palazzo Luxury Motorhome, is literally a palace on wheels. The EleMMent Palazzo is made from marble and as a result utilizes the powerful Volvo engine to get you where you need to go in style. This sleek, elegant motorhome features a “Sky Lounge”, offering seating and a shade canopy atop the vehicle (something not usually offered in most recreational vehicles) as well as a specialty designed drivers cab. The drivers cab, designed by Luigi Colani, follows the organic curved lines of the EleMMent Palazzo design. The aerial cockpit style of the drivers cab allows for breath-taking, unobstructed views on the passenger side. Every aspect of the interior and exterior, from the marble design right through to the individually programmable temperature zones, has been planned to perfection for optimal functionality and comfort.

The EleMMent Palazzo Luxury Motorhome is already for sale, however, Marchi Mobile is happy to work with customers on a commission basis to make sure its a motorhome fit for royalty. The luxury design of EleMMent Palazzo will have you begging for a cross-country road trip.

Image courtesy of Camper Van Finder

94. Sink into Luxury

Taking relaxation to a whole new level, the Hammock Bath, brought to you by SplinterWorks UK, is for ultimate comfort. The carbon fibre bath tub, designed for use in a wet room, bolts to the walls causing it to suspend in the air. Although it’s shaped like a hammock, the bath tub doesn’t sway, which is an added bonus as it avoids water splashing all over the place. The 9-foot long bath tub fills via a floor standing faucet.  Available in red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze and silver, this limited addition luxury tub starts at around $34,000. The sleek, simple design will add a touch of luxury to your bath time. There is even room for two, if you can bring yourself to share.

Image courtesy of The Manual

95. A Yacht to Remember

When it comes yachting in style look no further than OKTO, a 66- metre custom built ISA superyacht. This unique vessel was designed to stand out. Her sleek design aesthetic and specialised engineering, ensuring higher speeds, lower noise and vibrations and lower fuel consumption, will have you reaching for your credit card in no time.

To book this magnificent beast of a yacht for one week will set you back approximately €500,000. However, with its features including: wall length windows with million-dollar ocean views, black and grey eco-friendly decking allowing heels to be worn on all exterior decks, 6-metre infinity pool and separate Jacuzzi, guest elevator, private balcony for the master bedroom, a gym and even a helicopter landing pad, how could you say no? There are five stateroom suites aboard for up to 10 guests and a crew of 17 will ensure your journey is one to remember. If one week isn’t enough, OKTO is available to own for about €50,000,000 through The Yacht Company (Y.Co).

A picture does not do OKTO justice, so watch the video below and bask in all her glory.

96. A Botanical Afternoon Tea

Inspired by the way flowers and plants grow, this luxurious afternoon tea is not what you would expect. Found at Dominique Ansel Bakery in Belgravia in London is a unique afternoon tea following the path of flowers from seed to bloom. The inspiration not only comes from nature but also the humble beginnings of the Dominique Ansel Bakery. The ingredients are local and freshly sourced to give you the best tasting afternoon tea of your life.

It takes three days to make these glorious savoury treats, cakes and scones. From the bottom tier to the top you can see the seedlings grow to fully bloomed flowers… or flower cakes, I should say. As you work your way from the savoury bottom tier up to the sweet fully bloomed cakes, the dishes become increasingly elaborate. Warm scones are served with clotted cream and jam hidden inside strawberries. After all it wouldn’t be afternoon tea without scones, jam and cream. The nine piece afternoon tea starts at £42 per person.

Image courtesy of Olive Magazine

97. Cocktails are Forever

It’s of no surprise that one of the world’s most expensive cocktails comes from a city that really likes to show all its worth. At the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, on the 27th floor you can find the Skyview Bar; home to the Diamonds are Forever cocktail. Created with only the finest ingredients, L’Heraud Grand Champagne Congac 1906, Luxor 24k Gold Flake Champagne, The Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas Bitters and brown sugar, this already lavish drink is then served in a Swarovski diamond stemmed cocktail glass just for a bit of added flair. From the moment that glass touches your lips it’s yours to keep. A cocktail you will never forget and a gift to remind you if you do… all for $1380.

Image courtesy of GQ India

98. 24-karat Gold Facial Anyone?

Golden facials have been taking the beauty world by storm. And really, when you think about it, nothing says ‘gliz and glam’ like having 24-karat gold being painted on your face. The facials come in three forms: liquid, foil or mask and are now offered in spas all around the world. The facials range between a few hundred dollars to over a thousand. But, other than being gloriously expensive and very shiny, do these facials have any benefit? According to research and history, it’s time to say goodbye to lines and wrinkles because the top two benefits being promoted are: restored elasticity and improved circulation. Cleopatra herself was said to have golden facials every night to keep her skin radiant, youthful and beautiful. So, why not take a chance? If you’re not keen to have a golden facial, there are a number of top celebrities that swear by caviar face masks for their beauty treatment. Me… I’d go gold.

Image courtesy of My Home Beauty Salon

99. A Train Journey fit for Royalty

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains offers premium service for those wishing to embark on a culturally significant and historic journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway in 5-star luxury. The train is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and highly qualified staff to ensure every need and comfort is provided. There are three suites styles to be chosen from: Imperial Suite, Gold Suite and Silver Suite. Whilst the Gold and Silver Suites are exceptionally lovely, nothing surpasses a stay in the Imperial Suite. When staying in the Imperial Suite, you will be greeted by a complimentary bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne, be able to enjoy the most spacious of all the suites including a king size bed and private en-suite bathroom which is equipped with heated floors and L’Occitane toiletries.

Throughout your journey, access to the Bar Lounge Car and Dining Car are completely at your leisure. Activities on board often include Russian language lessons and historical and cultural lectures by guest speakers. The on-board tour manager is available to organise activities for the journey and will provide details of the trains arrival and departures as well as details for daily excursions. Of an evening, the Bar Lounge Car is filled with the musical brilliance of the resident pianist – the perfect wind down to the day. For those wanting to kick on into the night, the bar will only close when the last guest leaves. The Dining Car offers breakfast buffet and cooked to order breakfasts. Lunch and dinners offer gastronomic specialties from the countries visited during the journey as well as other international cuisines. Ingredients are mostly source locally and prepared by a team of top chefs. Wines are personally selected by Tim Littler, the Company Founder, to provide the perfect pairing during lunch and dinner. For the duration of the journey an informal dress code is required.

There are three Trans-Siberian journeys:

  • Trans-Siberian Express, Imperial Suite from $30,995* (15 days)
  • Trans-Mongolian Express from $30,995* (13 days)
  • Trans-Siberian Bam Explorer from $30,995* (15 days)

*Prices current for 2018 are in US dollars

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100. A Dining Experience that will CHANGE your life

Chefs, designers, engineers, illusionists, set designers and scriptwriters collaborated for two years to bring Sublimotion, the world’s most expensive restaurant, to life. In a world-first, this gastronomic show works to stimulate all 5 senses and immerse you in the creative process of Chef Paco Roncero (2 Michelin Stars, 3 Soles Repsol). Sublimotion, located in Ibiza, costs around $2000 per person. The entrance to Sublimotion is hidden and restricted to only 12 individuals making it an exclusive experience. With virtual reality, laser light shows, desserts in balloons and drinks that mix themselves on offer, it really is a once in a life time opportunity. With all that in mind, it looks like it’s time for a trip to Ibiza!

Still not sure about Sublimotion? Watch this video!