Boutique Hotels Spa outside view
From Brewery to Boutique Hotel

Childhood dreams, love for the back story, the history of a place, or in this case a building, specifically the B2 Boutique Hotel and Spa in Zurich.

Be Our Guest

The Dolder Grand is the hotel close to the lively city centre of Zurich, with 175 luxury rooms and suites, two restaurants with Michelin Star affiliations.

Top 5 Luxury Fijian Islands & the Ultimate Family Vacation

Made up of over three hundred islands, Fijian islands are a haven for conservation, sustainability and refined luxury. Here is our Top Five.

boat sunset
A Royal Tour

For those wanting to embark on their own romantic royal tour, look no further than the stunning hotels in Fraser Island and Fiji.

Where the Wild Things Are

Located on a private reserve by the banks of the Zibadianja Lagoon in Botswana, the ultra luxe Zarafa camp, boasts luxury, eco awareness and wild safari.

Medieval Magic in the Modern World

Exciting history, ornate interiors and medieval magic, with the just right amount of modern luxury, awaits for those seeking something a little different.

Angama & Call of the Wild

Angama means “suspended in midair” in Swahili. In the wilds of Africa, overlooking the Maasai Mara lies this exclusive lodge.

The Myconian Collection

The ability to bring together the boutique warmth and friendliness of family with the exclusivity of luxury accommodation, is a fine art.

Arctic Surf

Surfing and summer tend to go hand in hand. So, what on earth is a surf school doing in Norway?

A Millionaire’s Guide to Fiji’s Finest

Footprints are barely left in the white sand beach as you make your way to the blue-green ocean. The sun warms you and the ocean embraces you.