Whale Watching
Whale Trails of NSW

From May to November, thousands of whales migrate along the New South Wales coast as they make their way from Antarctica to the South Pacific and back again. From the Tweed to Sydney and all the way to Eden, New South Wales offers a multitude of sea and land-based options to observe the traffic on the ‘Humpback Highway’.

Great Australian Walks

We are all doing a lot of walking these days, much to the chagrin of our animals. When things get back to normal, we will be in great physical condition to continue our exercise amongst less familiar surroundings. Below are some of our favourite walks.

Top 5 Luxury Safari Lodge Experiences

From Tanzania to South Africa, Africa is home to some of the most amazing, luxurious and unforgettable safari lodges and a great place to see the “Big Five”

The Edge of the World

See a colony of Emperor Penguins in the White Desert of Antarctica and Africa’s Big 5 all in one adventurous holiday.

Singita Serengeti Drive
Game On

In the wilds of Africa, surrounded by rolling grassland plateaus and watering holes where animals gather are of the world’s luxurious game reserve lodges

Forest Villas and Mountain Gorillas

At Bisate Lodge, guests can experience one of the most humbling moments in their lives – the chance to walk with gorillas.

Where the Wild Things Are

Located on a private reserve by the banks of the Zibadianja Lagoon in Botswana, the ultra luxe Zarafa camp, boasts luxury, eco awareness and wild safari.

Angama & Call of the Wild

Angama means “suspended in midair” in Swahili. In the wilds of Africa, overlooking the Maasai Mara lies this exclusive lodge.

Who is up for a bear hunt?

I’d always loved big cuddly creatures, especially those that lived in a land of ice, snow and glittering night skies.

3 must-do Namibian adventures

Straddling the border between two great deserts, Namibia is a land of astonishing scenery, spectacular wildlife and striking contrast.