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The Polar Bear has an international day on February 27

The Japan ski season for the Christmas holidays will come and go with few if any Australians allowed to visit but put it on the list for the end of next year.

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Plan your 2022 with the ultimate driving luxury

Queensland has finally opened her borders for all Australians to enjoy our sunshine state and in 2021 there will be some wonderful offerings to put on the list.

Pipe dreams in Kauai, Hawaii

It may be a year or two before we can venture back to Hawaii, but with an election concentrating our thoughts on the US, let’s also focus on something more pleasant such as a stay at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai.

Start spreading the news

For those able to travel to New York, First Class has put together a guide for a range of distinct tastes. For those of us who have to hold back, New York will be there for us to so we can do our research and savour the wait.

Vegan Guide to Tulum, Mexico

Although being a vegan and a traveller has become much easier, sometimes it can still be a challenge finding great vegan food and eco accommodations.

12 Beautiful Seaside Towns in the Caribbean

Discover the Caribbean’s top beachside towns. Isn’t it impossible to resist the siren call of the Caribbean (and let’s be honest, who would try?).

The World’s Most Luxurious Train Journeys

Get to know the world’s most luxurious train journeys with TravelManagers. It’s a life’s unforgettable experiences and the ultimate travel indulgence.

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Alaska: A Bespoke Journey

Travel by land, air and sea across south-central Alaska with Tailor Made Alaska: Kenai Fjords to Denali by Abercrombie & Kent

Havana Nights

One of the most exciting cities in the world to visit and Cuba’s capital city, is Havana with its rich and colourful history people, the music…

Five Scenic Summer Drives in Colorado

Colorado is beautiful in winter, but it’s absolutely sublime during the summertime.