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Sri Lanka – land of husbands, saris and sapphires

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(a pre-covid memory)

Colombo Skyline in Sri Lanka Image by Shutterstock and saiko3p

I am one of those females who loves organising other people’s lives – call me manipulative if you must – but I just know when two people would be perfect for each other – even if they don’t know it. So if a friend breaks up with their partner, they know where to come. Unfortunately there have been, well, quite a few disasters in my match making career – one of the most recent involving a stump grinder and a tree surgeon but that’s another story.

The Angel of Islington

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Christmas at the Islington Hobart Tasmania Image courtesy of The Islington

The smoke rises from the charring wood. I put my feet on the polished concrete hearth to take the clichéd selfie not of bare feet with finely painted toe nails on a sandy beach but of booted feet toasting in front of the burning log fire.

The Angel of Islington

Acropolis WOW!

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Evening at the Grande Bretagne, Athens Image courtesy of Marriott Hotels

The King George is one of the only two places to stay when you are in Athens, the second is it’s brother property right next door, the Grand Bretagne. As the name suggests, the King George is a former royal residence. Standing in the heart of Athens, the views across to the Acropolis will be stamped in your memory forever. Its long luxurious history boasts guests such as Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Frank Sinatra and Maria Callas. With guests like that it’s no wonder its location is just five minutes from the bustling nightlife of Plaka and Agia Irinis’s Square. Then of course there are the high end shopping, the Monastiraki flea market, the national landmarks and the National Gardens.

Acropolis WOW!

Why go international when you can go to Tassie?

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The Southern Lights Image Credit Dietmar Kahles

Why go international when you can go to Tassie

We have a lot more chance of going to Tasmania soon than to Europe but looks like there’s no need to cross the international dateline because Tassie is offering everything from their own brand of bubbles through to the southern lights and even whisky distilleries.

Harry Potter found at Edinburgh’s finest address

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The Balmoral Hotel Edinburgh Image credit: The Balmoral Hotel

Harry Potter found at Edinburgh’s finest address

If you’re heading to Edinburgh’s Waverley Station and you stare up at the magnificent building on the south side of Princes Street and you’re fastidious about punctuality, take a deep breath. The looming clock tower is wrong. Ever since 1902, the clock on what was once known as the North British Station Hotel was set three minutes fast so passing travellers wouldn’t miss their trains. There is one exception. Every year on Hogmanay for the city’s New Year celebrations, the clock is set to the right time. This consideration for travellers continues inside the magnificent building now known as the Balmoral Hotel and run by Rocco Forte Hotels.

Start spreading the news

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Statue of Liberty Image Credit shutterstock

Start spreading the news

For those able to travel to New York, First Class has put together a guide for a range of distinct tastes. For those of us who have to hold back, New York will be there for us to so we can do our research and savour the wait.

New Zealand Luxury Lodges allow guests to set their own price

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Auckland, New Zealand, Image credit: Shutterstock/Winston Tan

Oh to live in the land of the long white cloud and to holiday in the world’s most divine lodges at the price one names. It sounds like a fantasy but what would one expect in the land that brought to life the Lord of the Rings.

New Zealand is home to some of the world’s most exclusive lodges and according to a recent article in both Quail Lodge in Auckland’s Drury and Pen-y-bryn in Oamaru have this incredible offer.

A Billionaire’s Guide to Monaco

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Monaco and money. Never have two words fit together so perfectly. Known as the most expensive and the wealthiest place in the world, Monaco is a magnet for high-rollers and the one percent. Those seeking luxury, with a well-stocked bank account, go to Monaco. More specifically, they go to Monte Carlo. This stunning section of the French Riviera is the definition of luxury. There are more Lamborghinis and Bentleys, Cartier and Harry Winston, Oscar de la Renta and Hermes on display in Monte Carlo than almost anywhere else in the world. From arrival to hosting a yacht party, here’s your billionaire’s guide to Monaco.

Stunning views over Monaco