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The Ship of Dreams


More people have been to space or summited Mount Everest, than those who have visited the wreck of the Titanic. For intrepid travellers (with the purse strings to match), Blue Marble Private are offering the opportunity for a select number of explorers to see the Titanic up close.

Image courtesy of Digital Domain

New York City’s “It” building

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When it comes to “it” status in the world of fame and celebrity, it’s not something you would usually associate with a building. Head to 443 Greenwich Street in Tribeca, and you’ll find the “it girl” of the building world. And it’s packed with A-listers.

Image courtesy of Street Easy

To Infinity…

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With a launch date set only four years from now, the world’s first (or should I say, galaxy first?) luxury space hotel, will be an experience of a lifetime! Orion Span, whose mission is to create sustainable communities in space through technological innovation and advancements, is behind this luxury space adventure. The luxury space hotel goes by the name of Aurora Space Station. The station aims to give an exclusive astronaut experience to its guests.

Image courtesy of NASA

Talk About the High Life


The only thing that out does a first-class flight with a top airline in style, comfort and service, is booking your very own private jet! Who says luxury can only be experienced at your destination and not on the journey?

Image courtesy of Five Star Magazine

Five of the World’s Most Expensive Cocktails


Cocktail envy is taking over the world’s hottest bars with each bar tender striving to make a more exclusive and expensive drink than the last. Whilst liquid bling guarantees you a trinket to take home, these five cocktails make their entrance into this list purely on cost of alcoholic ingredients.

Image courtesy of The Ritz Paris

Million Dollar Outings


This year, a Chinese student and an Italian businessman will both part ways with £1 million to embark on a two-year package holiday visiting more than 150 countries. The trip – billed as the ‘world’s most expensive holiday’ – was launched last year by, a website specialising in bespoke experiences. Unfortunately the holiday is no longer on offer but here are some alternative million dollar outings, should that cash be burning a hole.

Photo from Calvigny Island

Liquid Bling


A Mercedes A Class or a Champagne Cocktail? Take your choice. Billionaires are increasing and so is the list of excess. Whilst we can’t tell you just what $50,000 in liquid assets tastes like, these beverages at least come with a sparkly surprise.Image courtesy of Reka Moscow Restaurant