Launched in 2013, American Express’ Local Champion bonus program is a personalised game for earning extra frequent flyer point. The premise is simple: additional bonus points are awarded based on dollars spent at ten retailers where you shop the most during the 30 days.

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From your local supermarket to favourite café or boutique, through the Local Champion game, you can support local businesses and earn up to 10,000 points over a calendar year. 

The game is built into the American Express app and free to use for Android and iOS users. However, to play the game you need to have a primary direct-issued American Express that is enrolled in the Membership Rewards program, a Qantas American Express card or a Velocity American Express card. David Jones and David Jones Platinum AMEX cards are excluded as are American Express business, corporate and government cards. 

Since American Express cards offer some of the highest points earning rates available playing and strategizing with Amex Local Champion game is a great way to boost your points earn. 

Amex Local Champion, shopping

Firstly, you need to become a Local Champion. To obtain the crow you need to have the highest number of purchases at any of the partnered retailers you have selected to play at within 30 days. Then you’ll be awarded one extra bonus point per $1 spent. If you are using an accelerated earn card like Platinum Edge, you can pick up four points per $1 spent. 

Secondly, use the app’s data to rake in the most points. With Local Champion function tracker, participating customer can keep track of any competition and use spending data to know how many transactions they are away from becoming a Local Champion. Knowing what’s trending in real-time in a certain location is handy if you are planning to make a larger transaction. By gaining Local Champion status first and then proceeding with a substantial purchase can earn the bounty of bonus points. 

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This real-time gamification of spending is based on how often participating customers sped at a specific business, rather than on the dollar value of each transaction, so the key is to the most frequently visited stores. 

If your card doesn’t support Amex Local Champion program consider applying for the American Express Platinum card which earns up to four points per $1 spent. First time American Express cardmember will receive a 120,000 points bonus in addition to other benefits access to over 800 airport lounges around the world, status with multiple hotel programs, a $200 travel credit each year and access to the American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts program. 

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Image by Julius Silver